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Paternity Lawyers – Birmingham, AL

Alabama Parentage Attorneys

Depending upon the state in question, there are different laws in place to determine how parentage and paternity are established.


If you are an unwed father, there are some things that you need to know in order to gain parental rights.

If you are an unmarried father, you will need to establish paternity to prove that you are in fact the father of the child. Without establishing paternity, an unwed father has no legal rights to a child in relation to child custody, visitation and other decision making.

Some rights of a parent:
• the right to decide who sees the child and for how long
• the right to enroll the child in school
• the right to get public benefits for the child
• the right to obtain medical treatment
• the right to restrict visitation

Paternity is important because many things are at stake:

  • Access to the child via custody or visitation
  • Claiming government benefits through the father
  • Inheriting the father’s assets after his death
  • Knowing what medical issues may have been inherited
  • Obtaining child support from the father

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Gregory Fann Turner, LLC

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