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Modifications, Enforcements & Termination Lawyer – Birmingham, Alabama

Modification Attorney

It is important to know your parenting rights. If you need to change or enforce the terms of your agreement, our family law attorneys can help.

We regularly represent parents for modification matters that include:

  • Modifying custody orders to support or defend against relocation
  • Modifying custody orders due to suspected child abuse, drug use or other criminal charges
  • Modifying support orders due to a change in salary
  • Modifying support orders to unexpected health care needs

Should your former spouse violate either custody or support order, we will fight to defend your rights in court. We have an established record in securing back child support payments for our clients. We also use the law to hold parents responsible for violating the terms of their parenting agreements.

Child support and alimony / spousal maintenance agreements under certain circumstances can be changed and amended. Courts understand that circumstances change after a divorce. For this reason, a process of modification is available, so families can amend the terms of child and spousal support. Contact an attorney who knows about modifications and terminations and can see you safely guide you through the legal obstacle.

Effective Enforcement Solutions

This happens very often in the areas of child support, visitation rights, spousal maintenance (alimony) and other settlement agreements. When Parent “A” disobeys the terms of a court order, Parent “B” may petition the court to declare Parent “A” to be in contempt.

At this point the court has the power to take painful actions:

~Garnish Parent “A”s paycheck, or tax refunds
~Restrict rights previously granted to Parent “A” (such as custody and visitation)
~To order Parent “A” to jail

Legally Terminate Support Agreements

The most common reason spousal maintenance is terminated is that the payee is now living with a partner (married or living as if they are married). The courts consider numerous reasons for termination of maintenance, contact us to learn more.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Issue

Discuss your case with a dedicated family law attorney. We represent clients throughout Central Alabama, including Homewood, Mountain Brook and Vestavia Hills.

Gregory Fann Turner, LLC

Gregory Fann Turner, LLC

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