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Birmingham ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Attorneys

Our Mediators Advise On Rational Solutions To  Legal Disputes

When all parties to a matter feel like they are being heard, it tends to reduce hostility, even when there is a lot at stake. Mediation allows both sides to a dispute to air their grievances in a private forum before a neutral third party, who can define and re-frame the issues and suggest mutually acceptable solutions. A successful mediation produces an agreement that can be entered in court as a binding judgment. During our initial consultation, we will assess the facts of your case and determine whether mediation is the most beneficial and cost-effective alternative to going to court. We can assist you in reaching resolution, whether your dispute involves a contract, a partnership, or a family law matter. As Alabama civil and appellate court mediators who have gained extensive experience, We capably guide parties through the process.

Alabama Lawyers Assist With Early, Out-Of-Court Resolutions

At Gregory Fann Turner in Birmingham, Alabama, we help clients resolve legal matters without having to resort to litigation. As trained collaborative law professionals and as a  Alabama civil and appellate court mediator, we are familiar with the full range of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques that can provide early intervention and peaceful, fair resolutions to legal issues.

Skilled Counsel Assist Clients Using The Collaborative Law Process

Whenever possible, our goal is to help our clients peacefully resolve their divorce and related family law matters like those involving property distribution, child custody and child support. We are trained in collaborative law, a process that allows the parties and their attorneys not to go to court but to instead negotiate in good faith to reach a mutually acceptable settlement. The negotiations are assisted by a team of trained professionals who assist the parties in peacefully resolving their disputes. The final product is an agreement that becomes part of a court judgment. During your initial consultation, we can assess whether collaborative law is the right form of resolution for you.

Contact An Alabama Mediator For Help

If you want to resolve your family law or other legal matter through alternative dispute resolution, Gregory Fann Turner in Birmingham, Alabama can help. Call TODAY to schedule a free consultation.

Gregory Fann Turner, LLC

Gregory Fann Turner, LLC

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